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Church Beginnings

A beautiful Sabbath day graced the membership of Southview church as they celebrated their 50th anniversary at the 58th and Wentworth location.

In 1958, 129 charter members from three churches in the Minneapolis area established by faith a witness in the southern part of the Twin Cities. The Lord has truly blessed this congregation in spite of the terrible fire of 1983, and other building issues.

Another demonstration of God’s blessings took place in 2001 when the Southview Christian School opened in Burnsville; today thirty-one children attend. These beautiful children participated in the Southview 50th Anniversary “Remembrance Service” of music and memories in the afternoon.

Elder Rich Carlson, vice-president for Spiritual Life at Union College, preached the morning sermon, and Elder Ron Carlson, president of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference, taught the Sabbath School lesson. Both are sons of charter members Mr. and Mrs. George Carlson; George is deceased, but Marvyl still attends church every Sabbath.

The Pathfinders served lunch for all gathered for this special occasion.

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Lessons of the past
Hope for the future