Sauk Centre


Church Beginnings

"On Wednesday, the 28th, I came on to Sauk Centre, where a small company came out last summer under the labors of Bro. Battin and myself. Bro. B. visited them in the fall, and last winter the most of them attended Bro. Haskell's meeting at West Union. I found them making good progress, and fully committed to the work in all its branches, maintaining Sabbath and prayer-meetings, and Sabbath school. They have furnished themselves with the maps and Instructors, and with Sister White's circulating library. I baptized five on Sabbath, and next day organized a church of eight members, with a prospect of several others uniting as soon as they can obtain letters from other churches to which they belong. There are a number who are keeping the Sabbath under difficulties which at present deter them from corning out and taking a stand openly with the church. Whether these difficulties will be removed until they do this, is questionable. May the Lord give them courage and strength is my prayer."

D. P. CURTIS. June 2, 1879 - Review and Herald, vol. 53, numb. 24

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