Iver Olson Hilde

Date of Birth:
Date of Death: September 25, 1942


Iver O. Hilde was born at Inviken, Nordfjord, Norway, on March 10, 1850, and passed to his rest on September 25, 1942. In 1871 he came to this country and located in Swift County, where he has made his home ever since. Shortly after joining the church in 1880, he began to sell our literature to his neighbors and friends, thus becoming one of the pioneer canvassers in Minnesota. Later he sold "Prophecies of Jesus" until "Great Controversy" was published. This, then became his favorite book, which he literally scattered "like the leaves of autumn" throughout the state. Until his dying day he loved to hear the words of this inspired volume. On July 29, 1880, he was united in marriage to Agathe R. Alsaker, who preceded him in death in March of this year. Two children survive him: Mrs. Anna Hilde-Gunderson, of the Gilchrist church; and Raymond R. Hilde, of Seaside, Oregon. Those to whom he brought the light of this truth, and the many friends who have known him through the years, will greatly miss his characteristic and fervent "Amen" at the Minnesota camp meetings. H. W. Christian assisted at the funeral service.

C. Edwardson. - Northern Union Outlook, January 12, 1943 

A Pleasant Occasion - On Sunday, March 13, the Gilchrist church met in the home of Brother and Sister Iver Hilde, near Camp Lake, in honor of their birthday. Sister Hilde was eighty-three on March 8 and Brother Hilde was eighty-eight on March 10. A program was given in the afternoon consisting of prayer, songs, and short talks, after which lunch was served. Brother and Sister Hilde are of the old pioneers in the truth. Brother Hilde is well known as he has been active in colporteur work for about half a century, and has not yet retired from missionary work, as he is using his time by sending out papers and writing missionary Letters. They are both fairly well and rejoicing in the truth. He attends Sabbath school regularly and sometimes he walks. May God continue to bless them through the rest of their life's journey.

Mr. & Mrs. Ole T. Jacobson - Northern Union Outlook, March 22, 1938

A Remarkable Birthday Occasion - On March 10 the members of the Gilchrist church gathered at the home of Brother and Sister Hilde to celebrate their ninetieth and eighty-fifth birthdays, respectively. Talks were given paying tribute to the help and inspiration this aging couple have been to the conference, the church, and in the community. There are doubtless few laborers who have scattered as much literature in this state as has Brother Hilde. Sister Hilde, working in a more quiet way, has ably filled her place among the group who stay by "the stuff" thus enabling others to do the more aggressive work. We were sorry that Brother and Sister Lockert, because of an effort elsewhere, could not remain with us for the gathering. May the Lord continue to richly bless our faithful Brother and Sister Hilde.

Mrs. C. Edwardson - Northern Union Outlook, March 19, 1940

Source: Northern Union Outlook

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