June 25 - 30, 1874

Steele Co., Medford, East side of Straight River    Map

Find it today: Straight River Park is at the north end of Medford on the west side of North Main Street

MN SDA History Editor's Note: All copies of the Review and Herald providing a full report of the 1874 Minnesota camp-meeting have apparently been lost and a copy is not available at the General Conference Archives. If anyone has a copy, this editor and the General Conference Archives would be delighted to obtain a scanned copy to add to their websites. In the absence of the full report, I have provided some of the excerpts announcing the plans for the 1874 Minnesota Camp-meeting.

MINNESOTA CONFERENCE. The Minnesota Conference will hold its next annual session in connection with the camp-meeting which is to be held at Medford, June 25-30, 1874. Let all the churches and companies of brethren where S. B. is organized send their delegates to this Conference. The camp-meeting will be on the same ground where we held it last year. The Camp-meeting Committee are doing all they can for the wants of those who may attend this meeting. There will be plenty of hay, oats, and straw, on the ground. The provision stand will be well supplied, so that all can be provided for.

We hope to see a large gathering at this meeting. Come, brethren and sisters, leave your farms and shops and homes, and come up to this meeting. Bring your children with you. Bring your neighbors with you. Come with a determination to act your part. Then we may expect one of the best camp-meetings we ever enjoyed.

Review and Herald, June 9, 1874.

TO THE FRIENDS IN MINNESOTA. Dear brethren and sisters and friends of Minnesota: The time of our general Camp-meeting at Medford, Minnesota, June 25 to 30, is drawing near, and as the time draws near, the necessity of our drawing near to the Lord presses upon us. Wrongs must be made right, our hearts softened, warmed and refreshed by the grace of God, and there is certainly a blessing in store for us. The President of our Conference and the Camp-meeting Committee are doing all in their power to make the meeting a success. We have secured efficient assistance in our victualing stand, to look after the wants of those who shall come on the ground not fully provided with provisions. Oats, hay, and straw, will be furnished on the ground. Let none stay away for fear there will not be room. The large tent will be on the ground for the use of those that are not otherwise provided for. Let each church send their tents and bed ticks, and one or two men one day in advance. They can camp in the large tent which we will have erected in time for them to occupy until they get theirs up. They can fill ticks, make tables, &c., so when the families arrive they will find their tents ready to enter and occupy without any confusion.

Come, brethren, sisters, and friends, to the camp-meeting. We all need the influence of the meeting. It will be agreeable to old believers to become acquainted with those who have newly embraced the truth, and it will also be a matter of great encouragement to young believers to see and hear from older hands in the work. Association if rightly conducted tends to cement hearts and give strength in the work.

We request all to make the camp-meeting a subject of special prayer that God may guide in relation to it, and that we may all come up to it in a frame of mind to share the rich blessing of God.

I. Z. LAMB, One of the Committee. – Review and Herald, June 9, 1874

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