May 29 - June 12, 1894

Hennepin Co., Minneapolis, Nicollet Avenue between 44th and 46th Streets, Pleasant Park    Map

Find it today: The Review and Herald and Minneapolis Tribune refer to the site as being on Nicollet Avenue between 44th and 46th Streets, although, the Review also refers to it being on Pleasant Avenue which is 4 blocks to the west.  Throughout the years that camp meeting was held here, six years from 1889 to 1894, this area of picturesque countryside dotted with lakes and groves made for a truly pleasant spot for gatherings; baptisms were held at nearby Lake Harriet a few blocks to the west. Today, on the tree-lined Nicollet, there is no semblance of a park - rather the area is filled with small businesses and modest, but tidy, homes.


The Minnesota camp-meeting was held this year in Minneapolis, upon the same grounds that were used last year. There were 920 persons encamped on the grounds. On account of the hard times, the brethren said that the attendance was far beyond their expectations. The desire and determination to attend the camp-meeting were clearly seen in the fact that many who did not feel that they were able to come on the trains, came long distances with their teams. Elders J. G. Matteson, J. H. Durland, Matthew Larson, S. F. Svenson, and the writer, together with all the Conference laborers, were present to assist in the meetings. The camp-meeting was one of the best we have ever enjoyed. According to his promise, the Lord was there to bless in every service.

All through the week, many individuals were seeking the Lord earnestly, and rejoicing as they found the Saviour so precious to their souls. On the Sabbath, after the forenoon service, about 250 came forward for prayers. Sixty-seven persons were baptized on the grounds, and several others expected to receive baptism after the meeting was over.

The report of the Conference secretary showed that nine new churches were added to the Conference during the year. Two hundred and three new members have joined the various churches throughout the State.

Credentials were given to fourteen ministers, fourteen received licenses to preach, and thirteen received missionary licenses to act as Bible workers, etc. Elder N. W. Allee was again elected president of the Conference and tract society.

The meetings of the tract society and Sabbath school association were also of deep interest, and showed a very prosperous condition of these branches of the work.

The Lord has greatly blessed in Minnesota during the past year, and the brethren enter upon the coming year's work with faith, courage, and strong confidence in God.

A. O. TAIT – Review and Herald, July 10, 1894

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