June 1 - 7, 1897

Ramsey Co., St. Paul, Wilder Street North and Merriam Lane, Merriam Park    Map

Find it today: From I-94, take exit 237 onto Cretin Avenue traveling south. In about 3 blocks, turn east (left) on Carroll Avenue. Travel 3 blocks to Wilder Street and turn north (left). The park will be about a half a block ahead on the right. On May 1, 1920, the Minnesota SDA Conference office would be moved to a location just 3 blocks east of Merriam Park at 1854 Roblyn Avenue

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MN SDA History Editor's Note: Even though this camp-meeting report refers to Minneapolis as being the site for the 1897 camp meeting, Merriam Park is actually in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MINNESOTA. June 1-7 I was in attendance at the Minneapolis camp-meeting. In the beautiful Merriam Park one hundred and fifty tents were pitched, and in these about eight hundred persons were encamped. These were mostly Americans and Scandinavians. Many of the latter could understand English. I spoke to them twice in their tent, my talk being interpreted by Brother Hoffman, I had the pleasure of speaking in English six times, in the large pavilion, on the work and message of God for these last days. On these occasions the tent was nearly filled with attentive listeners. The Lord came near as we spoke of his power manifest with his people in the great Advent Movement.

This was a profitable camp-meeting, many features of instruction being introduced by Brethren Jones, Kauble, and others. In the closing service four brethren were ordained to the work of the gospel ministry. These were Brethren Emmerson, Parker, Sweany, and Behrens. Our people seemed to think this one of the best camp-meetings they had over attended.

In this camp I met many persons whom I met in Minnesota thirty and thirty-one years ago. Thirty one years ago a few met at Pleasant Grove, Minn. At that meeting the State constitution for States, recommended by the General Conference, was adopted. Thirty years ago the conference was held at Mantorville. This was in 1867. I have not labored in Minnesota since; and while pleased to meet a number of persons who were at those meetings, I was especially cheered to learn that the handful at that time in Minnesota has grown to a conference of over twenty-four hundred members, and that laborers from this field are in various parts of the world. I am now on the North Dakota camp-ground.

J. N. LOUGHBOROUGH (written June 12) – Reported Review and Herald, June 29, 1897

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