June 6 - 11, 1899

Anoka Co., Anoka, 1500 Sixth Avenue South, George Green Park    Map

Find it today: In downtown Anoka: if you are traveling from Highway 169, turn east on East Main Street and then turn south on 7th Avenue - if you are traveling from Highway 10, turn south on 7th Avenue. From the intersection of East Main Street and 7th Avenue, travel about 5 blocks south on 7th Avenue. George Green Park will be on the west side of 7th Avenue, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Still standing are the old "cafeteria" (now a service shed) on the 6th Avenue side of the park and the "Book and Bible House" building (now a Senior Citizens Center) next to the cafeteria.

Read more about this camp meeting in the St. Paul Globe newspaper: 
May 31, 1899 - The 3rd column article entitled "Adventists To Assemble"
June 1, 1899 - The 3rd column article entitled "Adventists At Anoka"

THE MINNESOTA CAMP-MEETING. - This camp-meeting was held at Anoka, Minn., June 6-11. It was well attended, there being about seven hundred people camped on the grounds. The meeting from the first was an excellent one, and a spirit of unity and devotion marked every step in its proceedings. The grounds were perfect, seemingly, for nature and beauty. The people of the city turned out well, and paid excellent attention from the beginning to the end. The preaching was of a practical nature, calculated to awaken the careless and indifferent, to comfort and support the discouraged, and to appeal to the sinner to give his heart to God, and his life to the advancement of the cause.

The truths specially applicable to this time were not neglected; and the necessity of a godly example marking every step in life was set forth in such a clear and forcible manner, accompanied by the Spirit of God, that all were convicted of sin, and convinced of the necessity of righteousness, through the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The workers of the Conference were present, and added much to the success of the meeting. The city papers were furnished with excellent reports of the meetings, Brother Phelps presenting the truth in such a way as to make it interesting and profitable.

The laborers from abroad were Elders Morrison, Evans, Ballenger, and Moon, and the writer. Dr. Olsen and Professor Bland were present to represent the interests of the sanitarium and Union College. Brethren Sisley and Boggs labored untiringly and successfully in the interests of the publishing and the canvassing work.

Services were held in the German and Scandinavian tongues, and the interests of the youth and children were looked after by Elder W. A. Sweaney, Brother J. F. Pogue, Sister Ella E. Merickle, and others.

Almost every meeting was a revival effort, and several marked conversions occurred. Forty-six were buried with the Lord in baptism. Hundreds were present, and a deep and lasting impression was made.

The business sessions of the Conference passed off harmoniously. Elder Flaiz was reelected president of the Conference. There has been an increase of tithes, and everything goes to show that the cause in Minnesota is prospering. The brethren returned to their respective homes much encouraged, and with an increased interest in their home field, and in the regions beyond. Surely, progress and devotion will mark the cause in the State the coming year.

S. H. LANE – Review Herald, July 11, 1899

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