June 7 - 17, 1900

Anoka Co., Anoka, 1500 Sixth Avenue South, George Green Park    Map

Find it today: In downtown Anoka: if you are traveling from Highway 169, turn east on East Main Street and then turn south on 7th Avenue - if you are traveling from Highway 10, turn south on 7th Avenue. From the intersection of East Main Street and 7th Avenue, travel about 5 blocks south on 7th Avenue. George Green Park will be on the west side of 7th Avenue, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Still standing are the old "cafeteria" (now a service shed) on the 6th Avenue side of the park and the "Book and Bible House" building (now a Senior Citizens Center) next to the cafeteria.

Read more about this camp meeting in the Minneapolis Tribune: 
June 17, 1900 - The 7th column article entitled "Nearing the End - Sunday the Last Day of Anoka Adventist Camp Meeting"

THE MINNESOTA CONFERENCE AND CAMP-MEETING. This was the thirty-ninth annual gathering of the friends of the cause in Minnesota. It was preceded by a workers' meeting of ten days. Nearly all the laborers of the Conference were present throughout the meeting. Religious services were held two or three times each day, in which most of the ministers of the Conference engaged in mutual instruction, and study of the Word.

One special feature of this ten-days' meeting reminded me of the gathering of those ancient disciples in that upper chamber; and as the Master was one of that gathering of long ago, so he was with us by the Holy Spirit and by ministering angels as we all gathered in a hall to celebrate the ordinances of the Lord's house. It was a season long to be remembered. I think that the celebration of the ordinances at the annual and semi-annual meetings of the laborers would be a most profitable experience.

The camp-meeting was also a ten-days' meeting continuing over two Sabbaths. Revival services were held the first Sabbath, and were a marked feature of the entire meeting. There were seven baptismal scenes, at least fifty persons following their Lord in this ordinance. Many songs of victory were heard. The Lord blessed us with the presence of several laborers from other fields. Among these were Elders Morrison, Hoopes, Wilkinson, and Magan, also Elders Shultz and Johnson. The ministers of the Conference shared in the labors of the meeting.

A general review of the main points of the faith of this people was a prominent feature of this occasion; yet it was all of a most practical nature, and served to awaken new courage in despondent hearts, and to strengthen the faith of believers. The Lord blessed richly in the presentation of the Word. It was said that our Scandinavian brethren had the best meetings they ever enjoyed. It is the conviction that a general meeting held over two Sabbaths is the most successful.

In the afternoon of the last Sabbath two of our dear laborers, Brethren J. F. Pogue and J. C. Christianson, were ordained to the work of the gospel ministry, by prayer and laying on of hands. Elder Morrison delivered the ordination sermon, after which Elder Hoopes offered the prayer, and Elder Morrison gave the charge. It was an impressive and solemn occasion, to which the Spirit of the Lord gave witness. The people return to their homes greatly encouraged. To the Lord be all the praise.

H. F. PHELPS – Review and Herald, July 3, 1900

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