May 30 - June 9, 1907

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THE MINNESOTA CAMP-MEETING – The Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists convened in its forty-sixth annual session Thursday, May 30, 1907. The site was the same as occupied last year, the people of St. Cloud having shown a very kindly interest in our people and in our work during the past year. The preparation of the camp and the workers' meeting which preceded the regular meeting, made all arrangements for the comfort of the delegates and other visitors. The first Sabbath was an ideal day, and was a period of especial spiritual refreshment to those in attendance at the camp.

The first business meeting of the conference session was held Sunday morning, June 2. In the annual address President H. S. Shaw reviewed the experiences of the past year, and made recommendations which he thought would meet the needs indicated at present.

In accord with the custom a committee of eight were chosen to act with the Conference Committee to appoint the standing committees, and these immediately entered upon their duties. A large number of people attended the meetings on Sunday afternoon and evening, Elder Enoch speaking on the topic of "The Eastern Question" in the afternoon, and Elder Burman on "The Origin of Evil" in the evening.

An interesting statistical report was read by the secretary of the Conference showing that the message was first preached in Minnesota in 1856, its progression from year to year, the increase in membership per year, the amount of tithe, number of workers, and other statistics of interest, closing with the year 1906, which was as follows: membership, 2,107; tithe received, $25,769; paid out, $23,016.96; tithe per capita, $11.67; 14 ministers, 10 licensed ministers, 10 missionary licentiates. English membership, 1,357; German, 126; Scandinavian, 624.

The Sabbath school secretary's report showed that there were 186 Sabbath schools in the conference, 87 regular and 81 home schools, with a membership of 2,249. The total donations were $2,182, of which $1,600.59 were given to missions.

Recommendations were made thanking the Lord for his protecting and guiding care, expressing gratitude for present prosperity and as a thank offering pledging the payment of the second tithe for missions; appropriating $1,500 to mission work – $500 to be used in Alberta, $500 in Saskatchewan, and $500 for the work in other lands; advocating the adoption of the ten-cent-per-week plan for support of foreign missions; making provision for procuring houses of worship in St. Paul and Duluth; recommending the Family Bible Teacher to church societies as a means of successful missionary work; the organization of young people's societies in the churches.

A feature of the meeting was the ordination of four young men, S. E. Jackson, W. W. Ruble, A. C. Gilbert, and E. M. Chapman, to the gospel ministry.

Elders H. S. Shaw and A. C.Gilbert were released by the Minnesota Conference to labor in Saskatchewan. Elder F. A. Detamore was released to labor in the Cumberland Conference.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, S. E. Jackson; Vice President, C. M. Everest; Secretary, Wm. Asp; Treasurer, C. M. Everest; Sabbath School and Missionary Corresponding Secretary, Ella E. Merickle; Educational and Young People's Secretary, W. W. Ruble; State Canvassing Agent, F. F. Fry; Executive Committee, S . E . Jackson, C. M. Everest, J. F. Anderson, E. M. Chapman, W. W. Ruble, C. M. Babcock, A. D. Ewert.

Elders Enoch, Burman, and Magan were the principal speakers from outside the state. The young people's meetings were a feature of the camp meeting. These were well attended by the young people on the camp ground, who were delighted with the lessons given by Elders Enoch, Magan, Granger and Professors C. C. Lewis and O. J. Graf.

The attendance was much larger the last Sabbath and Sunday than at any time during the meeting, although the attendance from the city was small throughout the meeting. Sabbath afternoon twenty-eight persons were baptized in the Mississippi river near the camp ground.

Altogether the meeting is regarded as one of the most successful ever held in Minnesota.

Northern Union Reaper, June 11, 1907

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