June 4-14, 1914

Ramsey Co., St. Paul, Corner of University Avenue and Syndicate Street    Map

Find it today: From I-94 in St. Paul, take exit 239 and turn north onto Lexington Parkway North. Travel about 3 blocks north on Lexington Parkway North and turn left onto University Avenue West, then travel 3 blocks to the intersection of Syndicate Street and University. The camp meeting area was on the south side of the road. (The White Enamel Refrigerator Co. occupied the south west side of this area in 1914.) 

THE CAMPMEETING – Many are asking themselves the question, “Should I attend the campmeeting? If so, what shall I take along?” To the most loyal people in the world we would say, “Attend the state meeting by all means, if it be at all possible." God has a great blessing in store there for you. Order your tent at once of S. A. Ruskjer and stay throughout the meeting.

Things to Bring – Yourself and others, trunk or grips containing bedtick and comforts, clothes, Bible, song books, light curtain material, brush, comb, small mirror, and other little necessary articles.

Things Not to Bring - Pots, kettles, and other cooking utensils. Leave them all at home! Why? Because Stanley, the cafeteria man, will feed all the people far better and cheaper than they can feed themselves. We want you all to enjoy the meeting, so don't tie yourself down to unnecessary work. Let everyone plan to eat at the cafeteria. Stanley will handle the people.

Neither let us bring with us a spirit of criticism, murmuring or discontent, but in true humility let us unitedly seek God for wisdom and power to save souls for the Master.

STEMPLE WHITE – Northern Union Reaper, May 26, 1914

MORE ABOUT CAMPMEETING – Remember the campmeeting is to be held in St. Paul. All who come should purchase tickets for that point. The camp will be pitched on the corner of University avenue and Syndicate street.

All trains run into the Union Station in St. Paul. When you arrive, take the Union-Hamlin street car, that you will find in front of the station, pay your fare and ask for a transfer, get off ac the corner of Fifth and Robert streets and there take a car marked “Minneapolis St. Paul” and get off at Syndicate street.

The first service of the camp will be held Thursday evening, June 4. The conference will be organized Friday morning at 9:30. We earnestly request every delegate to be in his seat at that time.

Special effort will be made to meet our people at the station the first days of the meeting, but if you fail to see one of our workers, you will have no difficulty in finding the camp, if you follow the above instruction.

Arrangements will be made to care for your baggage, so turn over your checks and pay for the transfer of your baggage to the one having the direction of that work at the depot, wearing a S. D. A. badge, and it will be hastened forward to the camp.

G. W. WELLS – Northern Union Reaper, May 26, 1914

MINNESOTA CAMP MEETING - The fifty-third annual session of the Minnesota Conference was held in St. Paul June 4-14. The camp was very conveniently located on one of the main street car lines between St. Paul and Minneapolis. There was not, however, a very large attendance of the people of these cities, though our own people, both from the local churches and throughout the State, were well represented.

An excellent spirit prevailed throughout the entire conference. This was particularly manifested in the forward movement of the home missionary work, the liberal offerings for mission and conference undertakings, and the spirit of revival and consecration. Over one thousand books were sold to our people, and large quantities of tracts and pamphlets were taken for use in the vicinity of their homes. A large number of subscriptions were taken for the Review and other of our periodicals. Nearly $2,500 was raised for mission enterprises. The last Sabbath of the meeting, during a revival service, nearly four hundred came forward as a first step in the beginning of Christian life and in re-consecration, and in the afternoon fifty-one were baptized. There were several also who are to be baptized at their home churches.

There was practically no change in the officers of the conference and the tract society, Elder G. W. Wells being again chosen president.

The laborers in attendance at the meeting from outside the union conference were Elders W. T. Knox, F. W. Paap, S. Mortenson, Prof. H. A. Morrison, and the writer. Altogether, the meeting was of great benefit to the conference, and it will be the means of giving great impetus in the finishing of this message in its territory.

FREDERICK GRIGGS – Review and Herald, July 2, 1914

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