June 3 - 13, 1915

Anoka Co., Anoka, 1500 Sixth Avenue South, George Green Park    Map

Find it today: In downtown Anoka: if you are traveling from Highway 169, turn east on East Main Street and then turn south on 7th Avenue - if you are traveling from Highway 10, turn south on 7th Avenue. From the intersection of East Main Street and 7th Avenue, travel about 5 blocks south on 7th Avenue. George Green Park will be on the west side of 7th Avenue, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Still standing are the old "cafeteria" (now a service shed) on the 6th Avenue side of the park and the "Book and Bible House" building (now a Senior Citizens Center) next to the cafeteria.

FIFTY BAPTIZED AT CAMP – Rum River is Place of Consecration at Anoka Meeting. Special to the Dispatch. Anoka, Minn., June 15 – The sessions of the state assembly of the Seventh Day Adventist fifty-fourth annual camp-meeting came to a close today. Fifty-three persons were baptized in the Rum River by three pastors of the church in the presence of 3,000 spectators.

ST. PAUL DISPATCH, June 15, 1915 – Reported in Northern Union Reaper, June 22, 1915

ANOKA CAMPMEETING ARRANGEMENTS - We are glad to announce that the work on the camp ground is progressing nicely. There is a spirit of cooperation and earnest effort on the part of the helpers to have everything in readiness, so far as possible, when the meeting opens. We earnestly desire to have all our people present at the first meeting, which begins Thursday night, June 3, and especially do we urge all the delegates to be in their seats Friday morning at 9:30, June 4, when the Conference will be organized and the committees appointed.

The campmeeting has always been considered a strong factor in unifying the work in the Conference, and for this reason we feel to urge our people to attend this meeting. Let there be no delay. Arrange your affairs at home, and come prepared to remain the entire time.

The delusions of earth are manifold; sin and iniquity abound on every side and it is more and more evident that those in the world are taking sides with the enemy, and unless we who believe this Truth improve every opportunity to become strongly fortified in the Message, we will not be able, in the last Conflict, to resist the terrible tendency to evil, but will be caught in the snare set for our feet and dragged down to ruin.

The camp will be pitched in a nice grove in the southeastern part of the town. It is about a mile south from the railroad station, on South Sixth street.

There will be arrangements made to take the baggage to the grounds, and hacks will be at the depot to carry those who do not wish to walk. Special effort will be made to meet our people at the station the first days of the meeting and to assist in transferring the baggage.

The following committees have been appointed to carry special burdens on the ground and to assist in the preparation:

Camp Superintendent – S. A. Ruskjer.
Assistants – A. Mead, Stemple White.
Locating Committee – S. A. Ruskjer, Ben Le Duc, Alvin Johnson.
Reception and Decorating Committee – Stemple White, Ernest Sheldon, May Jensen, Mrs. Shoals, Hulda Anderson.
Pastoral Committee – G. W. Wells, Chas. Thompson, G. M. Brown, C. Swenson, H. R. Johnson.
Sabbath School – Miss Mary D. Hopkins, Miss Elta Smith, Miss Caroline Hopkins.
Young People – E. L. Sheldon, M. B. Van Kirk, H. M. Hiatt.
Book Tent – S. D. Hartwell, Edwin Bye, J. R. Ferren, E. J. Nelson, C. N. Harvey.
Dining Tent – A. W. Kuehl and wife.
Store – G. Amundsen.
Chorister – Stemple White.

May we not pray to God to overshadow the camp with His Blessed Presence and lead us all to a full surrender of our hearts. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to consume the sin in us, and be the directing, leading and controlling influence in the lives of all who come upon the ground, so that in all the plans and deliberations of the Conference the mind of God may be met.

G. W. WELLS – Northern Union Reaper, May 25, 1915

ANOKA CAMPMEETING. The fifty-fourth annual conference and campmeeting of the Minnesota Conference could hardly have had a more auspicious beginning. A beautiful grassy grove in a quiet section of Anoka, tents up and in readiness for the first meeting, after weeks of faithful labor by the campmeeting committee, pleasant weather, and a large congregation to listen to the introductory sermon by Elder Chas. Thompson, the President of the Northern Union Conference, were the conditions on the evening of June 3, 1915.

In view of the portentious element of evil pervading the world at this time, presaging the end of all things, the speaker declared that no other year of campmeetings was just like this one. This is the period for God to arise and have mercy upon His church, for the set time has come. Prophecies are fulfilling and the end is at hand.

The 6 o'clock social meeting Friday morning, June 4, was a blessed and happy occasion. The first business session of the conference was called to order at 9:30 o'clock A. M., and the working committees for the session were chosen.

From Elder G. W. Wells' annual address we brief as follows:

"To the Delegates of the Fifty-fourth Session of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists:

I am confident there are many thankful hearts here this morning. I, for one, am deeply grateful to God for His manifest love for His people. We have reason to praise Him for the many blessings we are receiving from day to day. Words fail me to express the joy and gratitude I find in my heart as I am permitted to meet God's people in this another annual Conference and Campmeeting.

I esteem it a pleasure in behalf of the Committee to extend a cordial greeting to all delegates assembled, and also a most hearty welcome to all our people and friends of the cause who have been pleased to meet with us on this occasion.

I am glad to see so many at the first session of the Conference. May we not take this as an indication of the interest in our hearts to hear of the progress of the Message and also to lend our influence towards its advancement?

There are and will be many of our brethren and sisters who, at their own personal expense and sacrifice, have come to this meeting to receive with us the inspiration and spiritual uplift which we all hope this conference will bring. Shall we not unitedly pray that God will commission an innumerable company of angel's to overshadow this place, and that the blessed Holy Spirit may be the directing, leading and controlling influence in all of our lives?"

(See SDA Archives for full transcript of this message by Elder G. W. Wells)

The campmeeting is located on the same grounds where it was held on two other occasions years ago. The town of Anoka has made the meeting most welcome, subscribing free grounds, water and electric lights. The people have very kindly opened their homes to those who could not find places in tents because of the lack of room, and they are very hospitable and friendly. It is a great satisfaction to locate a campmeeting in a city where a general request is made for it.

As it is too early in the session to give results, later reports will follow. Among the general laborers aside from conference workers and union conference men, the following are here: Elder M. C. Wilcox, of California, ex-editor of the Signs of the Times; Elder P. E. Broderson and Elder S. Mortenson of the North American Division Conference Scandinavian Department, and Elder C. L. Taylor, of California, who labors especially in behalf of the young people.

Professor M. B. Van Kirk, of the Educational Department, and Brother C. E. Weaks, returned missionary from India, the Missionary Secretary, though Northern Union Conference laborers, might receive special mention, as they have both recently connected with the Union Conference, succeeding Professor W. W. Ruble, and Brother F. E. Painter, respectively. These brethren are carrying heavy responsibilities in the meeting.

Like the other meetings we have attended this year, the Spirit of God and of love, which is of God, and is God, characterizes the meeting. The men and religion forward movement of the Third Angel’s Message type has begun, and serious earnestness has taken hold of this people for the finishing of the work.

The officers elected to serve the Minnesota Conference for the ensuing year at the session of June 7, 1915, are as follows: (officers listed).

There is no time for back tracks. The enemy's forces are ever on the alert, and entrapping souls by error in belief and sensuous temptations. Today is God's set time to deliver the people from soul-jeopardy all who are willing to become passive prisoners in the Gospel net. The campmeeting is one great means for reaching the people and extending the invitation for all who will to come and get acquainted with God and secure eternal life.

W. H. EDWARDS. – Northern Union Reaper, June 15, 1915

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