June 1 - 11, 1916

Anoka Co., Anoka, 1500 Sixth Avenue South, George Green Park    Map

Find it today: In downtown Anoka: if you are traveling from Highway 169, turn east on East Main Street and then turn south on 7th Avenue - if you are traveling from Highway 10, turn south on 7th Avenue. From the intersection of East Main Street and 7th Avenue, travel about 5 blocks south on 7th Avenue. George Green Park will be on the west side of 7th Avenue, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Still standing are the old "cafeteria" (now a service shed) on the 6th Avenue side of the park and the "Book and Bible House" building (now a Senior Citizens Center) next to the cafeteria.

ANOKA CAMP MEETING – We wish to announce that the work on the campground is progressing nicely. There is a spirit of cooperation and earnest effort on the part of the helpers to have everything in readiness, so far as possible, when the meeting opens.

We sincerely hope that our people will be present at the first meeting which begins Thursday night, June 1st, at 8 o'clock, and especially do we urge that all the delegates be there on time Friday morning, June 2nd, at 9:30, when the conference will be organized, delegates seated and committees appointed.

The camp will be pitched on the same grounds as last year. It is situated about a mile south of the railway station between Sixth and Seventh streets. Arrangements will be made to meet the trains the first days of the meeting and direct the people to the ground. There will be hacks at the depot to carry those who do not wish to walk. Baggage will be transferred to the campground for 25c.

The new pavilion top has arrived and 100 new single, folding, wire cots have been purchased. Special efforts are being made to make all who attend as comfortable as possible.

In addition to the Great Northern and N. P. Rys. running into Anoka, the electric cars make four or five trips a day from Minneapolis. Those going on the electric line should get off at Seventh St., which is only two blocks from the camp.

Our campmeetings have always been considered a strong factor in unifying the work in the conference, and for this reason we feel to urge our people to attend this meeting. We are fully expecting a great spiritual feast, and we need our spiritual vision brightened; and as we come together to seek God, we may rest assured that special blessings will be given us. In addition to the help by the Union officers we expect Elder A. G. Daniels and Prof. C. L. Benson from Washington, D. C., to be present to assist us in the meetings.

The following persons have been appointed to carry special burdens on the ground:

Camp Superintendent: Anol Grundset.
Camp Committee: H. M. Hiatt, R.L. Benton, Alvin Johnson.
Locating Committee: E. L. Sheldon, Ben Le Due, N. R. Nelson.
Reception and Decorating Committee: Stemple White, May Jensen, Carl Swenson, Frances Cameron.
Young People's Committee: E. L. Sheldon, M. B. Van Kirk, H. M. Hiatt.
Sabbath School Committee: Miss Mary D. Hopkins.
S. S. Superintendent: Stemple White.
Book Tent: S. D. Hartwell, Edwin Bye, E. J. Nelson.
Dining Tent: A. W. Kuehl, Mrs. A. W. Kuehl, Clara Yeager.
Pastoral Committee: G. W. Wells, Chas. Thompson, G. M. Brown, P. E. Broderson, Carl Swenson.
Store: Wm. Shasky.

Remember that the meals at the cafeteria tent satisfy, and the usual plan and custom of supplying the people will be followed this year. It is far better for all the campers to board at the dining tent as you will have more time for devotional services, and on the cafeteria plan you can make your meals as inexpensive as prices of foods and the demands of your appetite will allow.

G. W. WELLS – Northern Union Reaper, May 23, 1916

MINNESOTA CAMPMEETING. Sunday, June 4, was a busy day at the Seventh-day Adventist campground at Anoka, Minn.

President Andreasen, of the Danish-Norwegian Seminary, of Hutchinson, Minn., preached at 11 A. M. Elder Chas. Thompson, of Minneapolis, president of the Northern Union Conference, lectured to a crowded tent of believers, and Anoka citizens at the 3 P. M. period; and at 8 P. M. President A. G. Daniells, of the General Conference, of Washington, D. C., just returned from a world trip to mission stations, gave a stereopticon lecture on the Cause and Meaning of the European War. All the chairs from the large cafeteria were brought into requisition to place in aisles and around the large preaching pavilion to accommodate the crowds who could not find seats in the tent. The speaker's subject was considered under the three heads of political, historical and Biblical.

Politically, he maintained that the cause of the great conflict is “sub rosa”, the determination by Russia being to obtain the strategic control of Constantinople – the gateway to the East – eventually close to the nations the Straits of Gibraltar, and incidentally wrest India from Great Britain. In this he harmonized with the views of a number of great writers whose published statements he read.

Historically, he affirmed as his belief the positions held by these writers that the war in its every attitude appears satanic, as though it were the result of perpetual councils of devils; that it is not a war apparently for acquisition, luminously visible, but for the extermination of the human species.

His third and closing testimony was from the Scriptures. He stated that a close study of the 11th chap, of the book of Daniel, from the 40th verse to the end of the chapter, referring to the "King of the North," will prove that it is the Turkish power spoken of, having been "helped" by the three great kingdoms since 1840, but when he plants his headquarters in Jerusalem and moves out of Europe, "he shall come to his end, and none shall help him," as says the 45th verse. And at that time, the speaker said, the 1st verse of the 12th chap, will come into the proposition, for "Michael" (Christ) shall begin to reign, and there shall be a time of trouble to the world such as never was since there was a nation, and at that time God's people will be delivered, every one who shall be found written in the book. So, though the war is bad enough, the result will be the second coming of Christ according to his promise to his disciples at his ascension, which means salvation to those whose names are in the Lamb's book of life; and condemnation to those who have not made the God of Hosts their protector. Elder Daniells has more invitations to give his addresses in the large cities than he can fill. He will be at the campmeeting until the close.

W. H. EDWARDS (written June 11) – Reported Northern Union Reaper, June 13, 1916

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