June 2 - 12, 1921

Stearns Co., St. Cloud, 1800 Kilian Boulevard, Riverside Park    Map

Find it today: From Highway 10, take the exit for 301-Minnesota Boulevard, heading west. The road will turn sharply to the right (north) and shortly thereafter the park will be on the left-hand side of the road.

MINNESOTA CONFERENCE NOTICE – The Sixtieth Annual Conference and Camp-meeting of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for election of officers, etc., will be held in St. Cloud, Minnesota, June 2 to 12, 1921, at Riverside Park. Each church is entitled to one delegate for the organization, and one for each fifteen members.

A. J. HAYSMER, President; S. D. HARTWELL. Secretary.

NOTICE. - Those attending the Minnesota Conference and Camp-meeting at Saint Cloud, June 2-12, will be pleased to know that we have secured from the Western Passenger Association the promise of reduced rates, provided there are sufficient numbers attending paying full fare over any line of railroad entering St. Cloud.

Tickets will be sold on the "certificate" plan, therefore when asking for tickets request a certificate showing you have paid full fare to St. Cloud, or to the junctional point connecting with the road entering St. Cloud. At each point a ticket is purchased, secure a certificate, providing the full one-way fare is to the amount of 67 cents or over.

The roads entering St. Cloud are the Northern Pacific, and the Great Northern. Reduced rates returning are promised on condition that 350 full-fare tickets going are sold at not less than 67 cents each. When you arrive at the campgrounds leave your certificate at the office to be signed by the secretary of the Conference, and if the requisite number are found to be present a rate of one-half fare will be given for the return trip. More next week.

S. D. HARTWELL. – Northern Union Reaper, May 10, 1921

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for those attending camp-meeting at St. Cloud June 2-12 - Have you made definite plans to enjoy the privilege of meeting with us at the St. Cloud camp-meeting, June 2-12? We will have a beautiful location and we are sure our brethren and sisters will enjoy this meeting.

1. Tickets at the normal one-way tariff fare for the going journey may be bought on any of the following dates (but not on any other date) June 1-7, inclusive.

2. Be sure when purchasing your going ticket to ask the ticket agent for a certificate. Do not make the mistake of asking for a receipt. If, however, it is impossible to get a certificate from the local ticket agent, a receipt will be satisfactory and should be secured when ticket is purchased. See that the ticket reads to the point where the convention is to be held and no other. See that your certificate is stamped with the same date as your ticket. Sign your name to the certificate or receipt in ink. Show this to the ticket agent.

3. Call at the railroad station for ticket and certificate at least 30 minutes before departure of train.

4. Certificates are not kept at all stations. Ask your home station whether you can procure certificates and through tickets to place of meeting. If not, buy a local ticket to nearest point where a certificate and through ticket to place of meeting can be bought.

5. Immediately on your arrival at the meeting, present your certificate to the endorsing officer, Mr. S. D. Hartwell, as the reduced fare for the return journey will not apply unless you are properly identified as provided for by the certificate.

6. No refund of fare will be made on account of failure to either obtain a proper certificate, or on account of failure to have the certificate validated.

7. It must be understood that the reduction for the return journey is not guaranteed, but is contingent on an attendance of not less than 350 members of the organization and dependent members of their families at the meeting, holding regularly issued certificates from the ticket agents at starting points showing payment of normal one-way tariff fare of not less than 67 cents on the going trip.

8. If the necessary minimum of 350 regularly issued certificates are presented to the Joint Agent, and your certificate is validated, you will be entitled to a return ticket via the same route as the going journey at one-half of the normal one-way tariff fare from the place of meeting to point at which your certificate was issued up to and including June 15.

9. Return tickets issued at the reduced fare win not be good on any limited train on which such reduced fare transportation is not honored.

S. D. HARTWELL. – Northern Union Reaper, May 17, 1921

SEVERAL OF THE WORKERS are now actively engaged in preparing the camp ground. We trust that all our people will avail themselves of the privilege of attending camp-meeting if it is possible.

MUSIC FOR CAMP-MEETING IN MINNESOTA – That we may have good music at camp-meeting this year we wish to ask the cooperation of all those who sing or who play orchestral instruments. A good choir and orchestra will make it possible to get good congregational singing which is the important part of worship-music. Will all who are willing to help, therefore write the undersigned that we may begin to plan? Do not fail to bring your instruments with you.

Northern Union Reaper, May 24, 1921

THE MINNESOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA CAMP-MEETINGS were very successful. The attendance in both places was more than the conference committee dared to hope for. Brother Rentfro reports that the colporteur meetings at the camp-meeting had a larger attendance this year than in any previous year.

Our readers will be interested to know that the camp-meeting Sabbath-school offerings for both Sabbaths amounted to $3,347.53, which exceeds other like offerings of previous years. We feel that the Lord impressed His people there to give liberally, and that they will be abundantly rewarded for this expression of their faith in the soon-coming of the Savior and the need of doing while there is opportunity.

Northern Union Reaper, June 21, 1921


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