June 8 - 18, 1922

Stearns Co., St. Cloud, 1800 Kilian Boulevard, Riverside Park    Map

Find it today: From Highway 10, take the exit for 301-Minnesota Boulevard, heading west. The road will turn sharply to the right (north) and shortly thereafter the park will be on the left-hand side of the road.

NOTICE – The Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference Association of Seventh-day Adventists will be held in connection with the Annual Conference and Camp Meeting at Riverside Park, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, June 8-18, 1922, for the election of three trustees for two years, and the transaction of any other business properly brought before the meeting. The first meeting will be called at 9:15, a.m., Tuesday, June 13, 1922.

A. J. HAYSMER, President and S. D. HARTWELL, Secretary
Northern Union Reaper, May 30, 1922

CAMP-MEETING SABBATH SCHOOL – Both of the Sabbath school services on the camp ground were exceptionally pleasant ones. The carefully planned exercises were well carried out and we all felt we received a special blessing from the close presence of the Lord, to help.

Sabbath school was held in three divisions: English, Scandinavian and for the children. The first Sabbath the attendance was 563 and the offering about $1200.00. On the second the attendance reached 1005 with an offering of nearly $1700.00. Of the total amounts received, $605.15 was given by the Scandinavian school which had an attendance of 125 and $41.20 by the children of whom there were 130.

On our first Sabbath one of our former Minnesota boys, Elder A. V. Olsen, now president of the Latin Union Conference, conducted the Mission exercises and gave a most interesting and encouraging report of the work in that field. Last Sabbath Elder J. H. McEachern talked to us on the South American field where he and his family spent about two years. It made all hearts glad to hear of the rapid progress of the work in these needy fields and we rejoiced as we realized how greatly our Sabbath schools had helped in this by sending trained workers and by our prayers and offerings.

The Sabbath school lessons were well conducted and impressed very vividly upon our minds the need of depending fully upon the Lord for our strength, and of every one of us as Sabbath school members being actively engaged in giving the message for this time.

We can but look forward with renewed courage to the coming year after receiving so many blessings from our splendid Sabbath services on the campground.

CAMP-MEETING - As the Camp-Meeting has drawn to a close one cannot but feel impressed as he looks back over the ten days spent together, that the Lord has drawn very near to His people here encamped. The spiritual feast will mean much to the future of individuals who attended as well as to the conference as a whole.

Elder A. V. Olson, president of the Latin Union Conference, Elders McEachern, Cady and Longacre, representatives of the General Conference, were present, besides a number of others representing the school work, and the foreign department of the General Conference. These brethren rendered valuable assistance on the camp ground. Our hearts were stirred to renewed consecration as Elder Olson related the progress of the message amidst the ruination and desolation of Europe. Surely God still lives and reigns in the earth.

More than $300.00 over the $2500.00 Sabbath school goal was reached during the two Sabbaths. These gifts to missions were the result of the quiet movings of the Holy Spirit hovering over the school. We separate now for another year. As we go forth we go with our eyes Zionward, hoping and praying that the day of all days will greatly hasten when the angels shall gather His own.

H. CHRISTENSEN – Northern Union Reaper, June 20, 1922

CAMP NOTES - The following visiting brethren attended the Minnesota Camp-Meeting and brought inspiration and help by their messages of courage and confidence: Elder C. S. Longacre, General Religious Liberty Secretary; Professors W. E. Howell and M. E. Cady of the General Educational Department; Elder A. V. Olsen, President of the Latin Union Conference in Europe; Elder McEachern, in the interests of the Book Work; Elder N. P. Neilsen of the Bureau of Home Missions; Professor John the newly elected President of Union College; Elder Clark President of the Iowa Conference.

Broadview Seminary was represented by its president, Professor H. O. Olsen, Maplewood by its principal, Professor L. C. Palmer and Hutchinson Theological Seminary by its president, Professor H. M. Johnson.

The eleven o'clock service conducted on Sunday by Elder C. S. Longacre seemed to tell many of us of the loud cry of the Third Angel's Message. The acceptance by leading business and legal men, of Seventh-day Adventists as champions of the cause of true Americanism and Religious Liberty and the almost unanimous rallying around the standard raised by us in this matter is more than interesting. Surely the power of God is being shown as never before and in place after place a deep and serious interest is being created in us as a people and the great work being done by our leading brethren particularly in the cause of religious freedom.

Latin Europe, according to Elder A. V. Olsen, is a field of great opportunities for us and our work at the present time. The growth of the various departments, notably the Educational, Colporteur and Home Missionary Departments, tells of the leading of God and of His power being manifested on behalf of our work is a most marvelous manner.

The book sales during the period of the Camp-Meeting amounted to a little over eleven hundred dollars, a most encouraging amount.

Nine large and two hundred family tents made quite a large and interesting encampment. The beautiful public park, kindly lent the conference by the city of St. Cloud for the purpose of the camp-meeting, makes almost an ideal camp-ground. Well elevated, well drained, well wooded, surrounded by natural beauties most delightful to the eye – everything seems so suitable for a gathering together of God's people for their annual feast.

Sunday afternoon twenty dear souls were buried, in the Mississippi River, with their Lord in baptism. Elder Hoffman officiated. One hundred and forty one dollars were given as a special offering to the Foreign Literature Fund, Sunday afternoon.

Sabbath the seventeenth was a big day at the camp. At the dining tent over one thousand persons were served with dinner.

A. R. Smouse, the secretary-treasurer elect of the Minnesota conference attended the conference for a number of days. He expects to take up his new duties here as soon as he can be released by the Iowa conference of which he is the secretary-treasurer at the present time.

Northern Union Reaper, June 20, 1922

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