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In the early years of the Minnesota Conference, churches outside of the state boundaries were included as part of the conference. Some of the known churches are as follows:

LocationAdmission Date
Milford1877, June 21 (company)
1878, June 19 (church)
Otranto1872, June 19
Sibley1874, June 25
North Dakota
(New Centerville)
1878, June 19
Eau Claire 1881, June 22
Eau Galle 1878, June 19
Knapp1881, June 27
Lake City1874, June 25
Lucas1879, June 19
Maiden Rock1870, June 23
Prescott1879, November 06
River Falls1874, June 25
1882, June 26 (reorganized)
Rock Elm1876
Somerset 1880, June 13
Trade Lake1878, June 19
Weston1878, June 19
Wilson1881, June 27