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This list contains biographies of both living and deceased individuals. Birth and death years are provided for the deceased – no dates are provided for living individuals.

Althage, Irvin G. 1917-2004
Anderson, Alice Margaret (Benson) 1908-1994
Anderson, Axel Victor 1864-1944
Anderson, Frances Christina (Anderson) 1892-1934
Anderson, Harriet Bertha (Andersen) 1936-2010
Anderson, Lawrence Raymond 1879-1975
Anderson, Lyle Conrad 1924-2000
Andreasen, Milian Lauritz 1876-1962
Baker, Glen
Bedell, John Mark
Bernstein, Otto O. 1874-1965 
Bowers, Marshall and Lois (Burghart)
Brown, Roger William 1871-1966
Bostwick, John 1836-1866
Burgeson, Vernon Kenneth Leroy 1915-2003
Christensen, Dorothy Julia (Kocher) 1906-1979
Christensen, Otto Henry 1898-1979
Christensen, Peter H. 1857-1928
Carlson, Adolph Wilhelm (Bill) 1904-1990
Curtis, David Porter 1828-1898
Everhart, Jeremy
Franklin, Horace William 1890-1965
Franklin, William Morris 1846-1915
Goff, Juanita Mercer (Waugh) 1928-2019
Green, Joseph Calvin 1870-1902
Jensen, Delia Marie (Anderson) 1875-1967
Merickel, Ella Ermina 1865-1942
Morse, Washington 1816-1909
Parke, Kathy Joy (Parker)
Parker, Vernon Frederick 1932-2022
Pettis, Alice Janette (Larson) 1933-2017
Sather, Henry Olaf  1873-1932
Sather, Mathelda (Tillie) Annette (Peterson) 1880-1943
Schwab, Phillip William 1902-2005
Sheldon, Harold John 1880-1966
Sherman, Steven James
Stocks, Stacy
Wright, Hazel Ruth 1939-2020