Andreasen, Milian Lauritz

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1910-1918 Danish-Norwegian Seminary President
1924-1931 Minnesota Conference President

Born:      June 4, 1876 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Death:    February 19, 1962 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA
Buried:   Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA
Findagrave:   56818458
Spouse: Annie Nelson, 1896-1948 (her death);
Gladys Grounds, 1950-1962 (death of M. L. Andreasen)
Parents: Laurence Andreasen and Carolina Thorgens

  • 1909-1910 President, Greater New York Conference
  • 1910-1918 First President, Danish-Norwegian Seminary, Hutchinson, MN (later Hutchinson Theological Seminary)
  • 1918-1922 Dean, Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA
  • 1922-1924 Dean, Washington Missionary College, Takoma Park, Washington, DC (now Washington Adventist University)
  • 1924-1931 President, Minnesota Conference
  • 1931-1938 President, Union College, Lincoln, NE
  • 1941-1950 Field Secretary, General Conference
  • 1937-1950 Professor, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Takoma Park, Washington, DC (now located at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI)
Hutchinson Theological Seminary Faculty about 1917
President, M. L. Andreasen (seated, center)
Photo: Dr. Adrian R. M. Lauritzen

Editor’s Favorite Andreasen Story:

Andreasen was an interesting individual, but, without a doubt, my favorite story from his life is the following one that took place while he was the President of the Danish-Norwegian Seminary (aka: Hutchinson Theological Seminary) in Hutchinson, MN. The building referred to would later become the Administration Building for Maplewood Academy upon it’s 1928 merger with the seminary. For those who attended school or visited in that grand old building, you can envision the following story taking place – Kathy Joy Parke, Editor

“One particular incident illustrated M. L.’s policy not to ask anyone to do anything he would not do himself if he could. One summer the boys were painting the trim on the four-story brick building, and had managed to finish the windows, but had no equipment for scaffolding. The eaves remained to be conquered. M. L., true to his policy, knew who would paint them. Athlete that he was, he clung to the eaves day after day, with only a toehold above the windows. He finished the job without a slip. ” – Without Fear Or Favor, by Virginia Steinweg, pg. 85

I shared this story one time with Alice (Larson) Pettis and when I was finished telling the story, Alice (who had known Andreasen) quipped, “And he was a short man, too!” – Kathy Joy Parke, Editor

Seminary as it looked when M. L. Andreasen became President in 1910
With no safety net, Andreasen painted the eave trim at the very top of the building
A west wing was added in 1917 and it later became Maplewood Academy
Photo: Dr. Adrian R. M. Lauritzen collection
M. L. Andreasen
Photo: Center for Adventist Research,
Andrews University


ANDREASEN. – Milian Lauritz Andreasen, born June 4, 1876, in Copenhagen, Denmark; died at the Glendale Sanitarium, Glendale, Calif.; Feb. 19, 1962. Shortly after he became an Adventist he attended Battle Creek College. He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and also teacher’s certificates from the universities of Chicago and Nebraska. He entered the organized work in 1900, and in 1902 he was ordained to the ministry. He served the church in many capacities. He was president of the Greater New York Conference, and from 1924 to 1931 he served as president of the Minnesota Conference, For eight years he was president of Hutchinson Theological Seminary. He was a Bible teacher at Union College, dean of Columbia Union College, and president of Union College from 1931 to 1938. Following this, he taught at the Theological Seminary in Washington. He was field secretary of the General Conference and for a brief period field secretary of the Southern California Conference. He wrote countless articles for various church papers and at least 13 books, among which the best known are The Sanctuary Service, The Epistle to the Hebrews, A Faith to Live By, Prayer, What Can a Man Believe? and Saints and Sinners. In 1896 he married Annie Nelson, who was his companion for 52 years. Two years after her death in 1948, he was married to Gladys Grounds, who with his two daughters from the first marriage, Vesta Andreasen and Eunice Philips, two grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren survive him. – Review and Herald, March 29, 1962, 21.

ANDREASEN – Milian Lauritz Andreasen was born in Denmark June 4, 1876; and died in Glendale, Calif., Feb. 19, 1962. In 1896 he married Annie Nelson who was his companion for 52 years. Two years after her death in 1948 he was married to Gladys Grounds who with his 2 daughters, Vesta Andreasen and Eunice Philips, 2 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren survive him. Elder Andreasen served the church ably and devotedly in many capacities since 1900 when he entered the organized work. The last lines of the farewell message he wrote, read: “So, dear ones, be faithful and true, even to the end. I shall rest in hope, looking forward to the day of glad reunion.” – Pacific Union Recorder, June 11, 1962, 7.

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